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Magnus-Opus FAQ - Disposals

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - We are a small 'not for profit' community organisation do we have to pay a Magnus-Opus licence fee?

A - Magnus Opus will grant a copyright amnesty to bona-fide charitable and community organisations who work pro bono. Such organisations may apply to Magnus-Opus with evidence of their 'not for profit' status and mission statement. Nota Bene - this offer does not extend to members of the Liberal Party, One Nation Party or Country Party.

Q - I do not wish to purchase a Magnus-Opus licence - what is the best way to dis-continue the use and dispose of my telecommunications device?

A - Magnus-Opus can offer several useful suggestions regarding the disposal of redundant telecommunications technology. We call this our three R's strategy.

Return Recycle Reuse


Return your telecommunications device to your service provider and/or supplier together with a legal demand for a full refund of the product and services. The service provider and/or supplier may well have failed to inform you, as the customer, of the full copyright implications of the use of such products and services and may, therefore, be legally liable to pay compensation for the loss of amenity. Make sure to send a photocopy of your original receipt and/or contract as evidence of proof of purchase.

Many telecommunications devices contain both valuable and toxic materials and components. It is therefore very important to dispose of your telecommunications device in an environmentally responsible manner. Many retailers operate schemes to recycle mobile telephone batteries (which contain toxic materials) and some dealers will buy back unwanted devices.

For those with an Artistic or Scientific flair we suggest that telecommunications devices can be put to many ingenious and creative alternative uses around the home. Batteries from mobile devices can be used to power electronics hobby projects and many other components, such as speakers and microphones can be re-used in home audio experiments.

Q - Are there any telecommunications devices or systems which do not broadcast or perform the copyright Magnus-Opus melody series.

A - Yes, there are alternative telecommunications devices and systems which do not rely upon the transmission or performance of the copyright Magnus-Opus melody series.

We suggest that you connect an older style rotary dial 'Pulse' telephone. Other handy methods include; the Amateur Band and Citizens Band in the Radio spectrum and all forms of Morse code devices. (Although now redundant as an international communications standard Morse code is still an effective way of communicating with older members of the community who have enjoyed military training).

Other open communications standards include Semaphore, Smoke Signals and International Signing for the deaf - although the authors are still to discover a method more effective than plain speech and letter writing (although the authors take no responsibility for the timely delivery of posted items).

© Dr.Sonique and Jon Drummond