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What to do now?

Step 1: Fill in Licence Agreement and post together with your cheque in USD or AUD equivalent.

Step 2: Please register to our copyright assignment database with following form.


"I do not wish to purchase a copyright licence from Magnus-Opus and want to know the best way to discontinue the use of my telecommunications device".

Goto: FAQ - disposals.

Magnus-Opus Licence Agreement

I/We apply for a licence from Magnus-Opus which, subject to the terms set out in this document, authorises the performance in public of the work specified within this licence agreement and within the circumstances and by the method(s) as described below.

Magnus-Opus agrees to authorise: -
The musical performances of the Opus specified in this licence agreement, in public, via any form of a broadcast medium or cable network, telephone network or satellite communications system.

Authorisation is also granted for public concerts and performances of the specified Opus.

Authorisation is also granted for digital or analogue storage and retrieval of the Opus and/or digital representations of the specified Opus.


Magnus-Opus number applied for: -

Licence_Type: -
Select one of the following: -
1. Single usage Licence (Applicant must specify the Venue, Time and Date of the Performance)
2. Annual Licence
3. Permanent Assignment of Copyright (permanent and exclusive assignment of Copyright ownership to applicant)

Applicant Status: -

Name of Applicant:- (company/partnership/sole trader)

Registered Business Name:-




Address for correspondence:-





Applicant's ACN (if applicable):-


Date on which music usage commenced:-
(Commencement Date)


Select One Option

Option 1:
Single performance only the applicant must specify the time and date of the performance.
Performance time and date:

Option 1a:- Individual Applicant Single Performance = US$ 0.05 *
Option 1b:- Organisational Applicant - Single Performance = US$ 1.00 *

* Applicants for option 1 must include a US$25 administation fee.

Option 2:
This agreement is for an initial period of 1 year from the day which is the first day of a month and nearest the Commencement Date. After the expiry of the initial period, the agreement continues for successive 1 year periods until terminated by either party on at least 1 month's notice terminating on the anniversary of the expiry of the initial period.
Commencement Date:

Option 2a:- Individual Applicant Annual Licence = US$ 100.00 **
Option 2b:- Organisational Applicant - Annual Licence = US$ 1000.00 **

Option 3: -
This agreement transfers the full performance rights from Magnus-Opus to the Applicant from the day which is the first day of a month and nearest the Commencement Date.
Commencement Date:

Option 3a:- Individual Applicant Permanent Rights = US$ 1000.00 **
Option 3b:- Organisational Applicant - Permanent Rights = US$ 10,000.00 **

** Inclusive of administration fee.

Australian Applicants must add 10% GST this does not apply to Applicants from outside Australia and its Territories.

I have printed, completed and signed the "Licence Agreement" and enclosed a cheque for the amount of USD or AUD equivalent. Cheques should be made payable to - Nigel L W Helyer (Sonic Objects Account) and sent to P.O. Box 195 Balmain, NSW 2041 Australia.

Other Comments: -


© Dr.Sonique and Jon Drummond